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is a practical, easy-to-use software solution that helps you make fast, fact-based, item - level decisions about your assortment following a three step business process.
Click to zoom Understand the current performance.

•Select and integrate the internal and external marketing data sources of your choice (from POS to space allocation, or from market research data to inventory costs).

• Drill down to view the status of your current assortment performance from the perspective that matters most to you (from margins to market share)

•Compare this performance against a broader assortment in reference markets

Click to zoom Decide on the best strategy for growth.

•Make fact-based, quantified assessments about your assortment options, using relevant facts such as customer loyalty, sales volumes and profitability

•Decide what’s performing well and what’s not; what to add and retain, and what to drop

•Assess how to assign your assortment to various stores or store clusters

•Ensure aggregated space requirements match space availability

Define how to implement and measure.

•Link to your existing space planning tools and practices

•Automatically update planograms to present your decisions clearly and concisely for fast, accurate and consistent in-store execution

•Analyse the impact of your assortment decisions

•Monitor and adjust your assortment strategy on a continuous basis
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